Split 7'' w/ Uncommonmenfrommars

by Inside Riot

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released March 15, 2013



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Inside Riot Montréal, Québec

We're a Pop Punk band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Track Name: Johnny
Capsizing my intentions are your ambitions,for what its worth I'm not at all overturned by your constant weakness your lack of interest is keeping me afloat.
Vice your grip while we're treading along and we'll stay young waiting, holding onto forgiveness, overflow from the surface, leave this wreck in the past tense.
Your friends think that I'm worthless. Even when I'm sold to the ground i won't be settling down, no use for safe and sound while we're just waiting to drown.
Except the cold coming over, the shrug from her shoulder we'll blame November weather, an excuse to be better. So tell me, how do we take the rest of our lives
and not get caught in the ties? Please tell me, so tell me i'll get chewed up inside, swallowed and left behind. Here's to twenty years always nothing special,
false hope overflows this household. Under confidence not for the innocent. And i know its not my style to ignore when you're broken and burnt to the floor.
And i know its not my style to ignore when you're broken and burnt down to the floor. Can't shake the taste of the floor and angle I've never seen before. Bruised
up and battered and sore, tomorrow ready for more.
Track Name: Extreme Cheddar
Extreme Cheddar
We've been stuck in the same hole for so long, it's time to dig ourselves out and start where we left off. We've seen so many places thanks to this but it's just the starting.
Don't think that we're all done. Pressed by highway lights pulling me closer, giving praise to the ground keeping me sober, we're so far gone, you're so far gone away.
You say the things that you say when you know nothing about it. You really think this is done? Well i'd be nothing without it. How many years have we been friends now?
Never thought once that you'd put me down. Come to terms on what you'll never know and take it in. Move on you've lost the path we've chosen. I've seen so many cities in
the last four years, met amazing people that are not from here, I've done all these rad things with my best friends and i'll do it all over again. Remember when everything was
easy? You said the things you said just to please me.Your true colours paint my canvas, signed in full, left in the past tense.